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eBay Error Code 107: Category is not valid. The category is not valid, select another category.


- Failure | Error Code:107 

ShortMessage:Category is not valid.

LongMessage: The category is not valid, select another category.

Explanation and Resolution:

This error would be triggered when the eBay category, which was submitted to the channel for the particular item is considered invalid or no longer available. Quite often eBay make changes to the categories - you can take a look at this link and you would be able to see more information about the last changes and the categories, that were added as new ones or that were either renamed, combined or moved. You can also check on eBay and see if there is an existing listing for that item and use the category, that is listed to. In addition, you would be able to see the list of valid eBay categories and leaf categories on http://www.isoldwhat.com/getcats/ and before you re-list the item, please make sure the site ID is set correctly. (ie. eBay Motors or US).