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Error Log: Notices and Errors

The error log was added to help you understand in more depth what errors and warnings are being returned when you are updating a product or listing. While there are solutions posted on the site about specific warnings and errors returned, it is important to note the difference between notices and errors. When an error is returned you will see “error” in the Type column:

When Type: Error this means some or all of your changes for a product did not get implemented. Errors must be fixed in order for you to update a product or listing.

When a notice is returned you will still see a notification in the error log. It will say “notice” in the Type column like so:

When a message is labeled as Type: Notice then it means that your changes and updates for your item or listing went through. However, it’s just letting you know about the status of something else in case you want to look further into it. But it’s important to know that notices can be ignored and should not instill doubt to whether or not your changes to a product or listing has been implemented.