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eBay Main 82 ShortMessage XML Parse error

Explanation:  There are hidden Unicode Characters in your General Description, eBay Description, Title , eBay Subtitle or Condition Notes

Solution:  A very easy way to fix this is to download a free text editor, I recommend Sublime Text, and just copy and paste the field from the above list (usually full and eBay description) into the text editor and delete it from SureDone.  Wherever you see the White EMs (screenshot attached) delete them from inside text editor and then just copy the description back into the full description in SureDone when you are done and you are good to go!


This can also be caused by: CDATA, which eBay's API instantly rejects. In most cases the CDATA comes from turning on the (WYSIWYG) Text Editor and trying to make changes. This is normal WYSIWYG behavior when there is JavaScript present.

An example of what this looks like in the code would look like the following:


<script language="Javascript">// <![CDATA[
// ]]></script>


In order to fix this issue, you must search for the following two things and remove them from the code:

  • // <![CDATA[

  • // ]]

It is very likely that they appear several times. To avoid this issue from occurring again, please do not turn on the WYSIWYG Editor if there is JavaScript present. If you need to use the WYSIWYG Editor for some reason, please be sure to clean up the CDATA tags mentioned above before trying to update or list an item.