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Order Settings

Going to SETTINGS> ORDERS & SHIPPING will navigate to the the new setting options for Orders & Shipping:

When ORDERS & SHIPPING is clicked, the user will see the following page:

General settings - Orders

The general settings related to Orders can be done under -  SETTINGS> ORDERS & SHIPPING>Orders


  • View & Acknowledge: Whether the orders are shown in the UI and if orders imported from channels are acknowledged (on channels that support acknowledgment).
  • Sync Inventorywhether inventory is synced via "sold" action on channel order import or import via the API
    • When turned on, it will decrement inventory based on order imports item quantity sold:
      • A product "sold" action will be triggered for each order item that is linked to the primary channel identifier in the product catalog, or the product "guid" for non-channel orders
      • This request will update the following product fields:
        • "datesold" with the time of the order (UTC timezone via dateutc)
        • "totalsold" incremented by the quantity purchased
        • "updatereason" appended with last source channel of the modification
        • Note: "updatenotes" in the logs refers to the inventory being decremented per stock field priority, but does not update the product field data
      • This request will then update the inventory on connected channels
    • When turned off, it will import the order but requires alternative workflow to reconcile inventory (no sold action associated with item)

The following options are available through Advanced settings ONLY. These settings are not user configurable but can be changed by opening a ticket with our support team.

  • Import AllSetting deciding whether orders should import in only if they have corresponding items in SureDone added or if ALL orders should import 
    • When turned on, all orders will import regardless of if an item exists in SureDone
    • When turned off, only orders that exist in SureDone and are properly linked will import in
  • Email Ship Tracking: Whether emails are send to the order email when orders are fulfilled on channels (specifically eBay and storefront) through SureDone
    • When this is turned off, there will be absolutely no option to send an email even from the individual Order's page.
  • Legacy Export: Whether order bulk exports are in the V1/V2 legacy format or in the new data format. It will only included headers in Orders page that were used in older versions if ON. 
    • When this setting is turned ON, it will export custom fields added in Settings > Shipping > Inventory & PIcklist Options. However, with this option on, you cannot pick specific fields to export in Products > Export when type:orders is selected. All headers need to be exported
    • With this setting turned OFF, any custom fields added in Settings > Shipping > Inventory & Picklist Options will not export. Only the Custom Order Item Fields that are added can be exported. However, with this setting OFF, the ability to select 
  • Legacy Picklist: This setting is turned OFF by default. If turned ON, the Picklist will look like how it did before allowing custom fields added in Settings > Shipping > Inventory & PIcklist Options to be seen properly.
  • Auto Fulfillment: This is a toggle if you use Amazon's Multi Channel Fulfillment (MCF) to ship your storefront products. It is set to "Disabled" by default.

Note: if Legacy Picklist is set to OFF, the orders would be sorted based on the SKU values, while if it is set to ON then the orders would be sorted based on the the order import timestamp.

All settings above are ON by default with the exception of Legacy Export & Legacy Picklist while Amazon Auto Fulfillment is disabled by default. 

The options related to Order custom fields have now been moved under SETTINGS>CUSTOM FIELDS, please visit the following link for more information:



The general shipping settings for all carriers can be done under SETTINGS> ORDERS & SHIPPING>Shipping. You may refer to specific guides available for setup of specific carriers or shipping providers. The shipping page looks as below:

Ship Interface:

All settings related to the ship interface - show under  SETTINGS> ORDERS & SHIPPING>Ship Interface

  • Shipping Weight Units Default: We can set the default shipping weight unit like oz, lb Or g - using this setting.
  • Shipping Dimension Units DefaultWe can set the default shipping dimension unit like in Or cm - using this setting.
  • Shipping Delivery Confirmation Default: Default shipping delivery conformation option can be set such as None, Delivery, Signature Or Adult Signature.

  • Shipping Create Label Default: This can be set to ON or OFF. The default setting is Off.
  • Shipping Mark Shipped Default: This can be set to ON or OFF. The default setting is Off.
  • Shipping Disable Residential Default: This can be set to ON or OFF. The default setting is Off.

Picklist & Invoice

All settings related to the Picklist & Invoice fields - show under  SETTINGS> ORDERS & SHIPPING>Picklist & Invoice

Please refer to the below guide for more information on using Picklist & Invoice options.

How To: Add Custom Fields to the Picklist & Invoices

Inventory Labels

All settings related to the label fields - show under  SETTINGS> ORDERS & SHIPPING>Inventory Labels

Please refer to the below guide for more information on using Inventory Labels.

How to Add/Remove fields for Inventory Labels