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Splitting Orders

After orders import from the channel or Storefront, there is the option to either split them or combine them. Combining orders is covered in the following guide:  https://support.suredone.com/support/solutions/articles/1000267219

In addition to combining orders, existing orders with multiple items can be split into different orders. The only limit to how many orders it can be split into is dependent on the total quantity of items sold (i.e. if 12 total items were sold, it can be split into 2 to 12 orders). 

The following steps will outline how  the user can split an order:

1. Open order that needs to be split.

2. Click "Split" at the bottom of the order screen:

3. Click "New Split Order" to desired amount (example in this guide will be 3 split orders):

4. Divvy up the quantity for each order (if all quantity is allocated before addressing each separate order, the quantity box will grey out for the other orders).

5. Click "Create Split Orders" and get lead to All Orders page filtering the newly created orders. 

Please note: If the original OID that got split into multiple orders is known, one search query to find the corresponding split orders is oidconsolidate:=[Original OID Value]. A similar search query can be used for combined orders. If the user knows the OID of the newly combined order and inputs oidconsolidate:=[Combined OID Value], the search results will show the original orders that were combined into new OID.