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Orders Manager - manage all orders in SureDone from a single location

While running an eCommerce business, the orders you receive are the epicenters for generating revenue! Hence, you cannot afford to miss out on even one of the incoming orders from your eCommerce website or any marketplace. When you are starting, it is alright to manage incoming orders manually. But once you begin receiving around 50 orders a day, it gets difficult to manually keep track of the SKUs and quantities of each order. This is where order management comes into play!

Orders Manager in SureDone - helps you manage the orders from all channels and fulfill those from a single location ensuring that you're always on top of your orders. You can access the Orders Manager by clicking and expanding the "Orders" option on the main dashboard page. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.


The "All Orders" page can be navigated by going to Orders>All orders

This page allows the user to view all orders pertaining to their channels easily and allows customization in terms of what data needs to be shown or how orders can be refined using the Order Search. It also allows the user to do various actions right from there like combine orders, creating shipping labels, etc. 

General View of Orders (Channels or Status)

The Orders page can be navigated by going to Orders>All orders

The default view of this page is to show all awaiting orders in the All Orders section. To look for other orders (i.e. complete, with tracking etc), the Order Search needs to be utilized to refine this page. All Orders will be viewed on the top, but as the user scrolls through the page, there will be separate sections for each channel and instance's specific orders. These sections can be easily jumped to by clicking the instance wanted - to the left.