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How to: Mark Orders as Shipped in Bulk

1. Login to your SureDone account.

2. Export out the orders from SureDone - which you need to mark as shipped. You can filter the orders by using search queries like "status:ready" to export all orders in "ready" status in SureDone. Similarly, if your order is drop-shipped to a vendor but tracking is not updated in SureDone, you can export such orders with the search query as "status:ordered".

To run the order export, you need to navigate to Products>Export, type in your search query, select type as "orders", mode as "include" and add fields as indicated in the screenshot below. If you leave the search query blank, the data for all orders will be exported out.

3. Once you click on Export, the download link with the exported data will be populated under "Recent Exports" on the same page. Click on Download and save the file on your computer.

4. Now you can open the exported file and mark orders shipped on marketplaces by setting headers and values for shipments (shiptracking, shipcarrier and shipdate minimum) along with shippingstatus set to COMPLETE Similar to product uploads, CSV files with an action in the first column and identifier (either oid or order) in the second column will create or update all order fields provided in the file. Files that do not have an action in the first column will default to update 

Example CSV bulk order header layouts provided below: 


5. Once, the bulk csv is setup, please navigate to Products>Bulk Uploads, Submit the file and click on Upload - as indicated in the screenshot below.

Note: Along with all these upgrades, the legacy shipping CSV upload (see the following guides as a reference) is being deprecated June 1st, 2019.