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SureDone Product Status Definitions

There are a few different options that are available for product status in the SureDone inventory and please see the details below:

  •  disable - this status would only apply to the SureDone storefront and it wouldn't be an indication whether or not an item is listed on eBay or on any of the other channels. The items with this status have been disabled either through the user interface or in bulk and are not listed on the SureDone storefront and relisting them with all channels skipped would push the relist request only to the SureDone storefront.

  • draft - this status would indicate the item was added either through the UI or via bulk with action=start only to the SureDone inventory without being pushed to any of the channels.

  • publish - this status would indicate the item is listed on the SureDone storefront

  • attribute - this status confirms the particular guid is a variation item and more specifically a child item and you can take a look at this guide and you would be able to see more detailed information about the variations and their structure.