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How To: Add User Permissions in a V2 Account

User Permissions are used to control users and what type of access they have. You can assign up to three people with different or all the same permissions. An Admin can create or edit new users. A User cannot create or edit new users.  You will also see how you can specify the control of different areas of SureDone by the individual User.

1. If you want to assign any other role like Admin or grant any permissions - this can be done by navigating to -

Settings>Organization>Members, click on member's account that you want to change, click Permission>Add Permission. You will find around 10 different options each with Read and Write permissions.  

2. a) Go to the "Permissions" tab. Once here, you will be able to add permissions to an existing user. 

b) At this point you will also be able to grant scope of each permission. Just click on "+ Grant Scope" and confirm.