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Authorizing Channels on SureDone


This document details how the seller can authorize Channels to use SureDone. In order for SureDone to be able to communicate with the Channels (such as eBay or Amazon), the credentials of the seller need to be authenticated by the channel. While logged into SureDone, the seller will be taken to the Channel’s site. From there, the seller will be required to authenticate that SureDone can be connected. Please note that no seller credentials are stored within SureDone. Ongoing authentication is established using a token from the Channel.

Here are the two steps, with directions below.

  1. Log into SureDone
  2. Authenticate to channels


Log into SureDone

Log into SureDone using your username and password. (Your initial SureDone User ID will generally be your email address)

Navigate to Channels

From the Home page you will need to navigate to settings (click on the settings icon, and then Channel) – see screenshot.

You should then see the following screen:

Choose the Desired Channel

From the list of channels shown, choose the Channel that you wish to link to SureDone. The red bar will expand to show all of the settings associated with the channel. Please do not change any of the settings unless you are aware of the effects. There will be a button near the top with a title like “Authorize eBay”. Click on this button to authorize the connection to SureDone.

Authenticate the SureDone Connection

Log onto the channel (in this example we are using eBay) using your credentials, to approve the linkage between the channel and SureDone.

Clicking on “I agree” will allow SureDone to access the Channel’s apis and enable your users to use the SureDone platform to list products.

Your Channel will now be connected to SureDone.

You will need to repeat this process for each channel that need to be linked. 

PLEASE NOTE: The security and control of your data is very important to us and you will be able to revoke this permission at any stage.