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How to add a Minimum Stock

Setting a minimum stock (a.k.a. Minstock) is encouraged for items that sell very fast. Minimum Stock creates a "buffer" between the quantity you actually carry and what you list on the marketplace. It does this by subtracting the "Min Stock" from your available quantity before updating the channel. For example, if you have 6 in stock, and a Minstock of 2. We will update eBay with a quantity available of 4. If the result of this math is negative, SureDone will send 0.

If you use multiple stock fields, we will sum those stock fields before applying minimum stock. For example, if vendor1 has 3 and vendor2 has 4, and your Minstock is 2, we will send 5 to eBay (3+4=7, 7-2=5).

When you set a min stock you are also creating a new "zero" for your stock meaning once that item gets to that amount in stock, it will be seen as out of stock on eBay. Although this doesn’t seem ideal in the sense that you want to sell every last product of yours it is still useful to prevent oversells for items that do sell fast since it known that there is a lag time between when sales occur and when they come into SureDone.

We already have default field called "minstock" which can be mapped under settings for different channels like eBay/Amazon, etc. However, if you want to use specific "minstock" fields for specific channels - you can create new custom fields like ebayminstock for eBay under Settings>Custom Fields

Refer to the guide here on How to create new custom fields

Afterwards you will need to map it to the Min Stock field by going to a specific channel under Channels and clicking on that channel - for example: eBay. Then you go to Min Stock Field and select the custom field you just added from the dropdown:

Once you choose from the dropdown you can click Save Settings. Now you should be able to see the Min Stock field in your product editor: