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Setup ShipStation Plugin Integration

To integrate SureDone and ShipStation, start out logged in your ShipStation account:

  1. ShipStation Account Settings
    Click Account Settings
  2. ShipStation Store Setup
    Click Selling Channels and then Store Setup
  3. ShipStation Connect
    Click Connect a Store or Marketplace
  4. Click SureDone
  5. ShipStation asks for Username, Password and URL which you will find this information below

Open SureDone.com in another window:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping and then click ShipStation
  2. On this page you will see the Username, Password and URL to enter
  3. Note: your URL may be modified by additional features per sections below
  4. Back in ShipStation after you have entered the above fields, click Test Connection.If it works, you can click Connect and it should start syncing your orders that have not been shipped yet. If you need ShipStation to import custom fields, refer to Map SKU and Custom Fields below prior to clicking Connect

After you have created this connection ShipStation pulls orders from SureDone at the time of opening the app and every 30 minutes afterwards.

By clicking on the "Filter" button you may dynamically generate the custom URLs per the Mapping SKU and Location Fields and Preventing Channel Orders sections below.

Mapping SKU and Location fields

By default, SureDone sends the SKU field to ShipStation. If you want to setup a custom mapping of SKU to ShipStation, you can do that by adding ?skufield=[custom_field] in the URL that you send to ShipStation.
Here is an example: https://plugins.suredone.com/shipstation/?skufield=customsku. If you have a location field you want mapped, you would enter ?locationfield=[location_field]. If you want both, you would change the 2nd ? to a &.
Here's an example: https://plugins.suredone.com/shipstation/?skufield=customsku&locationfield=customlocation

Preventing Channel Orders

Additional customization would include filtering out eBay and Amazon orders, preventing those from being sent to ShipStation.
To remove eBay, add &ebay=0 at the end of your url. To filter out Amazon orders, add &amzn=0 and to filter out Walmart orders, add &walmart=0 The 0 means do not send this field to ShipStation.

A full example of adding a custom SKU, location field and preventing Amazon Orders from going to ShipStation would be: https://plugins.suredone.com/shipstation/?skufield=customsku&locationfield=customlocation&amzn=0