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eBay Error Code 932: Auth token is hard expired.

- error 932: Auth token is hard expired.


If you have received an email notification, that your eBay token was going to expire and if it hasn't been renewed in the stated time frame, this could cause a disconnect and also trigger the above error.


In order to restore the sync with eBay, you need to go to Settings -> Channels -> eBay Main Options and click Revoke Token. After that, the page would refresh - another Authorize eBay button would appear and once you click it, you will be forwarded to eBay, where you have to follow the steps there and the re-authorization process will be completed. Any orders that were placed on eBay, but weren't synced and imported into SureDone will sync within 24 hours of the token re-authorization and this goes back 2 weeks.

V1 accounts:

V2 accounts: