- Error Code 240: 

ShortMessage: The item cannot be listed or modified. 

LongMessage: The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy. 

Attention Sellers: It appears you may be listing a potentially recalled airbag. 

eBay prohibits the sale of any recalled products, including airbags. Please ensure your airbag isn’t part of the national Takata airbag recall. You can read more about the recall and check the status of your airbag on this National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website

Before listing an airbag for sale on eBay, please review eBay's policies and your state's laws on the sales of airbags.

Thank you for using eBay.




As the error outlines, eBay have a strict policy for airbags and you would be able to see some more details about it on this link:

- Pre-owned airbags that have never been deployed as long as they are shipped in accordance with applicable regulations
- New airbags only from sellers who receive their products directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and who are authorized to sell these products
- Pre-owned and new airbags cannot be shipped via the US Postal Service.