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eBay Error Code 21919152: Shipping policy is required.


- ebay Main: Failure Failure | ErrorCode 21919152 

ShortMessage:Shipping policy is required. 

LongMessage:Shipping policy is required.

Explanation and solution:

Those errors are typically returned when only one or two of the Payment, Return or Shipping profiles have been selected for an item, while for example the other profile/s have been set to Do Not Use ProfileeBay have the "all or nothing" rule for the Business Policies and the way to bypass this error is either to select the three profiles for the particular item at the same time and re-list it or none of the profiles (Do Not Use Profileinstead and then fill in all of the related fields for payment, return and shipping.

If some amendments have been made recently to the policies directly on eBay, you need to go Settings-> Channels -> eBay Main Options and click the blue Refresh button, so SureDone can update the existing profiles or import new ones: