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eBay Error Code 21919410: - ** Days is an invalid value for Warranty


- Error Code - 21919410 

ShortMessage - 14 Days is an invalid value for Warranty - . 

LongMessage - 14 Days is an invalid value for Warranty - . Choose one of our recommended values and try again.

Explanation and Resolution:

This is only a warning, which would not prevent you from listing a new item successfully or from updating an existing listing and it can be triggered when the value in that field doesn't match the values, that eBay use and would accept for that Item Specifics field. There are certain values, that eBay would require for the Warranty field in the Item Specifics, which was introduced with their Structured Data approach - you can see the list of most common values below and please bear in mind, that the different categories might have different specific values:

  • No Warranty
  • Unspecified Length
  • 90 Day
  • 6 Month
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Year
  • 3 Year
  • 5 Year
  • 10 Year
  • Lifetime
  • Other