- Error Code 17501: 

Short Message:Unknown shipping location provided. 

Long Message:The location [\\\"U\\\\u0000S\\\\u0000\\\"] provided in ShipToLocation tag is unknown. Please use 2-character ISO codes for countries and full names for regions/continents. See API documentation for further details.

Explanation and Resolution:

The particular error has been triggered by the value [\\\"U\\\\u0000S\\\\u0000\\\"], that was set in the ebayshiptolocations headerwhile the correct value in this case should be US. This typically can be caused by the bulk file, the item has been added or edited with and if contained unprintable characters, which have to be removed before re-listing the item and sending all of the data back to the channel for processing. Click here for the full list of the valid country and region codes, that eBay would accept or see them below: