If you try to turn Global Shipping on for an eBay listing via bulk upload or through the UI, you might see the toggle turn on in SureDone but still get an error like following yielded:

The warning above says “Warning This listing is not eligible for eBay’s Global Shipping because it is listed in a restricted category (1268). Global Shipping may not be available in all countries."

When this gets returned, the first thing you should go is go to http://www.isoldwhat.com/getcats/ and enter the category # to see what exactly the category is. After you find the category, you can visit this eBay page that lists categories that are restricted for Global Shipping: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/shipping-globally.html#restricted

Unfortunately, the eBay site isn’t up to date so there are some categories that aren’t listed on there that also don’t allow Global Shipping. The other categories are as follows:

  • Business & Industrial > Construction > Other Construction (Category #1268)

**This list will be update as we come across more categories