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eBay Errors: How to Use the Item History to find More Detailed Error Codes

You’ve probably encountered eBay errors here and there when trying to list items. For the most part they seem rather vague. The reason they do is because you are only seeing the “Short Message” of the error. Sometimes these errors have a longer error message that corresponds to it that can be found in the History section in your Product Page. 

Let’s say you get an eBay error that says ebay Main:82 Disabled as variant error.” and you want to get a better idea on what exactly is telling you, the first step is to open the Product Page for the item and jump to the History section. It will look something like this:


As we can see in the image above, we have some errors in the Result column. It’s intuitive to click on the Identifier link that is on the same row where it has eBay as the Channel and error in the Results. However, the correct link to click on is the one with SureDone as the channel below the error row:


This will open up details about the action being performed on the item. If you scroll down on that page you will see an Error section:

This will give you more insight on that error that you received. Sometimes it will show the eBay Error Code so you can do additional research. For this example we see the long message says “LongMessage:The tags Style is/are disabled as Variant.” Seeing this message should encourage you to look into your Style fields for the item getting this error and making sure everything looks in check.