Why do we receive the eBay User Agreement warning message while listing on eBay? The listing updates go through fine but this warning seem to confuse.

Solution -

We have noticed that some warning message related to eBay User Agreement is returned by eBay API - when you list/update items on eBay. The warning message would look similar to the message below - 

303666990056 Warning A new User Agreement will soon be in effect. 
Please go to https - //useragreement.ebay.com/usragmt/agreement/PAYMENTS2_0_USER_AGREEMENT to accept the agreement.

Per the communication from eBay team - they are pushing out a new Payments 2.0 user agreement and that these warnings will show up until you sign the REVISED agreement. If you go to https://useragreement.ebay.com/usragmt/agreement/PAYMENTS2_0_USER_AGREEMENT, you should be able to view and sign it. 

If the warnings continue you will need to contact eBay to remove it. Right now everything will go through, but at some point in the next few weeks you won't be able to list or sell on eBay until it's signed.