eBay Managed Payments - Does anything change in SureDone account to support this?

eBay managed payments streamlines the entire, end-to-end payments experience on the eBay platform. Sellers no longer need to be concerned about specifying payment methods at listing time, buyers get more payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and sellers are paid directly to their bank accounts instead of to their PayPal accounts. 

You may receive the communication from eBay regarding eBay Managed Payments as below - 

If you use a third-party platform, check if your integration will require changes. If you use a Store, it will need to be integrated with the new eBay APIs. Your PayPal API integrations for eBay will need to be changed to eBay managed payments APIs.

The following queries may arise in the mind of any SureDone customer/user - 

Will we need to select a payment profile for the eBay channel within each listing?
Will we need to bulk change all existing listings once this takes effect?
What other changes can we expect with this change from eBay?

Solution - 

We have many customers using eBay Managed Payments so we already support it. After you have registered to eBay Managed Payments, a new eBay Payment profile related to this - would be created in your eBay account. So, you need to import this new payment profile in SureDone and then apply it to all eBay listings. 

In order to import the new Payment profile in SureDone, you need to navigate to Settings>Channels>eBay Main Options, Expand the "Account Defaults" section and click on "Refresh Profiles" and Save Settings. The new payment profile and ebaypaymentprofileid will now appear under "Payment Profile". You will need to update this for all eBay items ONCE to apply it to all eBay listings (This can be done is bulk).

Please find the below guide explaining how you can update the business polices for eBay - 

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