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eBay Order Number Format Change

In eBay's Spring 2019 Marketplace Updates it was announced that in Summer 2019 they would be changing the format of the eBay order number. According to eBay, "user-friendly order numbers will help:"

  • Sellers track and trace orders for easier reconciliation
  • Buyers track their order information
  • eBay provide better customer support for buyers and sellers

In the past, SureDone used a format of:

  • For single item orders, the SureDone order number format was "ItemID-SalesRecord"
  • For multi-item orders, the SureDone order number format was "OrderID-SalesRecord". The OrderId was previously a sequential number generated by eBay.

Starting on August 8th, 2019, the new SureDone format will be "OrderID-SalesRecord" and "OrderId-SalesRecord" for both multi-item orders and single item orders respectively. The OrderID being passed to us by eBay will be in their new format, and for cases where eBay still returns the legacy format it will still be in this new format in SureDone. This will only be for new orders. Existing orders within SureDone will not have their OrderID changed.

Users who rely on the old format through our API or when creating rules in third party systems like ShipStation or ShipWorks should make adjustments as necessary to accommodate this change. As always, if there are any problems please feel free to open a ticket in our support portal.