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eBay International Returns

SureDone is now supporting eBay International Returns (via bulk or the API). This introduces new ebay_returns sub-settings:

  • Previous format: star-delimited array of up to 5 values
  • Previous format example: ReturnsAccepted*30*MoneyBackOrReplacement*Buyer*someValue
  • New format example: ReturnsAccepted*30*MoneyBackOrReplacement*Buyer*someValue*ReturnsAccepted*
  • Defined indexes below (correlating ebay_returns setting indexes to field names)
    • 0:ebayreturnsreturnsaccepted
    • 1:ebayreturnswithin
    • 2:ebayreturnsrefund
    • 3:ebayreturnsshippingcostpaidby
    • 4:ebayreturnsdescription
    • 5:ebayreturnsinternationalreturnsaccepted
    • 6:ebayreturnsinternationalreturnswithin
    • 7:ebayreturnsinternationalrefund
    • 8:ebayreturnsinternationalshippingcostpaidby
  • A new default setting, "Returns International", has been added to Channels > eBay

eBay international returns default setting

  • New API fields have been introduced:
    • ebayreturnsinternationalreturnswithin
    • ebayreturnsinternationalrefund
    • ebayreturnsinternationalshippingcostpaidby
  • The following existing API fields have been deprecated because of changes on eBay's end:
    • ebayreturnsrestockingfeevalue
    • ebayholidayreturn
  • ebayshippinginternational{1-5}location now supports multiple values. Those values can be separated by comma "," or star "*" characters.
  • eBayCollectAndRemitTax will now be imported into channeldetails if true, for eBay orders.
  • ebayshippingratetabledom now supports a value of a valid rate table id for domestic rate tables.
  • ebay{instance}shippingratetableintl now supports a value of a valid rate table id for international rate tables.
  • ebay import will now import ebayoptions.ratetable values with either RateTableId, on, or off.