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How To: Update eBay Business Policies in Bulk

SureDone has the capability to import your eBay Business Policies and use them so you don't have to set your shipping or return policies for every item.

It's important to note that SureDone doesn't import new eBay business profiles automatically. Once you add any new profiles on eBay - please go into your SureDone account, click on Channels>eBay>Settings once and refresh the page. This should import the new profiles in SureDone.

Also, note that Profiles are account specific and each instance of eBay will be required to have it's own profiles. It's important to note that if you are using policies, you must submit all 3 policies when listings items. It is not possible to only use just 1 or 2 policies and then submit the rest of the data manually. 

To activate business policies on your account, if not already activated, please visit http://www.bizpolicy.ebay.com/businesspolicy/policyoptin - you can also take a look at this guide and please see the video below for more information and example steps to update the profiles for payment, shipping and return of multiple in bulk.