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eBay's Product Based Shopping

eBay's Product Based Shopping is now supported in SureDone.


Soon, eBay will be introducing product-based listing to their platform in several phases. The first phase will only cover product-based listings for a few specific items in their catalog. Then, it will affect several categories, and finally all categories will be eligible for product-based listing. This upgrade allows SureDone to support listing items to eBay with Product Reference IDs, and allows users to search for those product reference IDs within SureDone's single item editor.

  • Listing an item to eBay's product-based catalog

        To list an item to eBay's product based catalog, it must be assigned an eBay Product ID (EPID). To assign an EPID to a product in SureDone, first go to Channels>eBay and in the settings for an eBay instance select a custom field to map Product ID to.

Note: The ebayproductid custom field would be a default and pre-mapped for new users, however and if it is not available or if a field with a different name is required, then another custom field can be added as a Varchar type with Lenght:50 and please see the guide on how to create new custom fields.

How To: Create Custom Fields

Once this field is mapped, you can assign an EPID directly to a product by updating the product with the EPID value in the mapped Product ID Field. Subsequent relists of the product in SureDone will send the Product ID to eBay, as long as the eBay instance is not skipped.

  • Searching for and Selecting EPID values

    If you don't know the correct EPID value for the product yet, you can search for it directly on the Single Product Editor page in SureDone. The Product ID must still be mapped as described above. Product IDs can be searched for by GTIN, MPN, or Keywords. Searching by GTIN or MPN happens automatically if either the upc field or mpn/manufacturerpartnumber field is filled in. Searches by Keyword are done manually in the eBay Catalog Search section of the single product editor. This section is located in eBay instances after the Category ID field.

Product ID Field mapping setting

If a value has been entered in the upc or mpn/manufacturerpartnumber field, the search will automatically be performed on the field that contains that value. If both fields are filled in, the search will be performed on the value in the upc field.

A keyword search will be performed after entering a value in the Keyword Search field and clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the field.

After a search of any type has been performed, the search results will be available in the EPID Search Results field. If there is only one search result, the EPID will automatically be filled in the Product ID field. If the eBay catalog API returns multiple results, you will have to select a value from the EPID Search Results Field before the value is inserted into the Product ID field.

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