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eBay Structured Data - Tires and Wheels

eBay is requesting that customers start using "structured data" for certain information about their listings. What is structured data? In its simplest form, it is using standard field names with specific values that allows eBay to know where to look for certain information. They are starting this with tires and wheels but may push it out to other categories in the future. It will enable them to improve eBay user's search results and also tag certain listings in special ways (for example, ranking warranty information).

The following fields (please name the field specifically as stated below) are the fields eBay is launching immediately along with their specific acceptable values. For each of these fields, please create a new Item Specific Custom Field. This is done by going to Settings > Custom Fields to create the custom field, and then going to Settings > Channels > eBay Main Options (pick your specific eBay instance), scroll to "Item Specifics Set", highlight your new fields and click on "Save Settings". These fields will now be sent to eBay as an item specific.

  • Item Specific Name: quantity
    • Field name: quantity
    • Acceptable Values: 1, 2 or 4
    • Sellers normally list quantities in the title and content, and will often create multiple listings for the same SKU but with a different quantity of tires or wheels (bundle of 2 or 4, for example)
    • eBay is looking to allow customers to filter by quantity in the future
    • eBay may also offer warranty service on tires in the future and needs to know the quantity levels to offer this
    • eBay may support multiple tracking numbers in the future and needs to know the quantity levels to offer this
  • Item Specific Name: rebateavailable
    • Field name: rebateavailable
    • Acceptable Values: yes or no
    • If the value is "yes", there should be a link in the description to your eBay store stating that rebate forms are available there
    • On your eBay store, there should be links to the forms necessary to get the rebate
    • Please see http://stores.ebay.com/Discount-Tire-Direct as an example.
  • Item Specific Name: warranty
    • Field name: warranty
    • Acceptable Values: No Warranty, Unspecified Length, 90 Day, 6 Month, 1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year, 10 Year, Lifetime. Other
    • eBay is looking to rank products based on warranty in the future.