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How to Use eBay File Exchange

eBay File Exchange is a feature within eBay that allows you to generate a CSV of your active items on eBay with  relevant information to your listing. It is a free feature offered by eBay but requires you to sign up if you haven't done so. You can sign up at http://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/listing/listing-advanced-sellers/file-exchange.html. 

Unlike the file only imports that can be generated through SureDone, this file is more succinct excluding item specifics and longdescription. Sometimes we advise our clients to trigger this instead of a file only import if we've tried doing a file only import multiple times and it gets stuck or if the user typically has HTML in their longdescription. Having HTML in the longdescription can often jumble up the CSV whereas the file exchange resembles an Amazon file only import that is more organized and clear to read. 

You can go through the following steps to trigger your eBay file exchange: 

1. Sign up for File Exchange here if you have not already done so: http://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/listing/listing-advanced-sellers/file-exchange.html 

2. Once you are signed up, go to the File Exchange page – available under Seller Tools – and click Download Files:

3. a) Create a download request:

b) If you currently have variation listings on eBay, create a second (slightly different) download request:

Note: Most likely in Support, we will be requesting the file outlined in Step 3a. 

4. Receive your success message with your reference #:

5. Check your email for the file, or go to the Completed Downloads section to retrieve your file:

6. The resulting file should contain the following fields

 Item ID
 Custom Label
 Product ID Type
 Product ID Value 1
 Product ID Value 2
 Quantity Available
 Start Date
 End Date
 Item Title
 Category Leaf Name
 Category Number
 Private Notes
 Site Listed
 Download Date
 Variation Details
 Product Reference ID
 Condition ID