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eBay Shipping Guide

This is the complete guide to eBay Shipping. It will show you the different ways you can set up shipping for your eBay Listings, as well as give you some guidance on the best practices and different options you have.

All of your Shipping options for every channel is located together in the "Shipping" tab on the editor. You can get their by scrolling through the form or clicking on "Shipping" on the left navigation bar.

At the top you will see the section for dimensions, these are used for every channel, including eBay. As far as shipping goes, weight is the only required field if you are planning on using calculated shipping.

Additionally, you'll want to fill out any information you need for fulfilment because SureDone will automatically populate the weight, dimensions, etc. of your orders.

Below that you'll find the eBay section:

The first field is the eBay Shipping Profile, which allows you to select preset Shipping Settings with one field. These policies are set up directly in eBay - for more details on Shipping Profiles, read our guide here.

If you select a shipping profile, the rest of the section will disappear because the profile will take care of the rest for you!

If you want to manually set shipping, you can select your shipping site (usually the default is fine) and specify your handling time (enter numbers only into this field):

Domestic Shipping

Below that are your Domestic Shipping Options, each will have the following fields:

  • Service: which shipping service will you be using?
  • Cost has three options:
    • Free - flip the switch,leave this field blank (this will collapse all the pricing options)
    • Flat Rate - enter a decimal number with up to 2 decimals
    • Calculated - Leave this field blank, but make sure you entered a weight above under Dimensions
  • Handling Cost: this can only accompany calculated shipping, use it to add an additional handling fee on top of the cost calculated by eBay/the Carrier.
  • Additional Cost: enter a decimal value in this field to offer a reduced price for shipping additional quantity (Applies only to fixed cost, not to calculated shipping)
  • Surcharge: enter a decimal value here to charge a surcharge to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territoriesflat.

You can hit "+ Add Domestic Shipping" at the bottom right to add up to 4 shipping options per listing

If you decide you need to get rid of one, just click the grey "X" in the upper right corner

Notes on Domestic Shipping:

You cannot combine flat-rate and calculated domestic shipping options; you must decide to use one or the other. However, you can combine free with either of those two choices.

If you want to set Domestic Shipping Service 1 to be free by default, you can set that in your Shipping Settings

Note: this setting affects all channels in SureDone - eBay will not accept Free International Shipping, but other channels do, so there is a Global Option as well.

International Shipping

After you create your Domestic Shipping Options, you should set your International Shipping Options

The first switch toggles International Shipping ON ; OFF. If you turn this switch off, we will tell eBay this item cannot ship internationally and the section will collapse.

The second switch tells eBay whether or not you would like to participate in the Global Shipping Program (you can learn more about the program on their website).

Below that you will see the International Shipping, almost the same as the Domestic Options above. The key fields here are:

  • Service: which shipping service will you be using?
  • Location: To where is this option valid
    • For example,you may wish to offer UPS Ground around the world, but overnight shipping to the Americas only.
  • Cost: still has both calculated and fixed price options, but if your shipping Worldwide, you should use calculated shipping because costs will vary widely depending on the destination country.
  • Handling: for calculated shipping only - it adds an additional charge onto of the calculated carrier cost
  • Additional: for flat rate shipping only - enter a shipping cost for additional quantity of the same item

Just as with domestic, you can add up to 4 international shipping options + the global shipping program.

Notes on International Shipping:

To set whether International Shipping defaults to ON or OFF, you can flip a switch in Shipping Settings. You will always be able to change this default on an item by item basis.

Note: this setting affects all channels in SureDone where you can restrict international shipping.