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eBay Motors: Adding Fitment Notes (UI & Bulk)

Adding fitment notes when listing parts to eBay Motors is simple to setup and begin using. There are steps to apply the same Fitment Note to all EPIDs or separate ones in both the UI and in bulk. The following sections will go into more detail on each:

Adding Same Fitment Note to All EPIDs

  1. The first step is creating a custom user field to enter in your Fitment Notes. Go to Settings > Custom Field, then click Add Custom User Field. Under Name, enter fitnotes (or any other name you want). Under Label, enter Fitment Notes 

        2. Next, go to Settings > Channels, open eBay and then scroll down to Fitment Notes Field. Select custom field created for Fitment Note and then         click Save Settings 

3. In the Product Editor, updating Fitment Notes custom field under the Custom Field section will apply the note to all EPIDs:

Adding Fitment Note in Product Editor to Individual EPIDs

       1. In Fitment section, after selecting the Year/Make/Model, there will be a "+Add Fitment" button that appears allowing you to input a Fitment Note             then add it to the EPID list:

        2. After clicking "Add Fitment(s)", the EPID will show in the list below with the corresponding, editable note:

        It will also add the note in the Fitment EPID custom field. For those using Asterisk (*) Delimited method, it would look like so:

Editing Fitment Notes in Product Editor 

Previously only separate Fitment Notes could be applied in bulk, but now there will be a Fitment Note text feld under each EPID that allows you to input what you want:

After the desired note(s) are entered for each EPID, clicking Update will save the changes. 

Adding Separate Fitment Notes in Bulk

To apply different fitment notes for each EPID, you can do so via bulk either using the Asterisk (*) Delimited method or JSON. You will need to use the custom field you created that is mapped to Fitment EPID Field in your eBay channel settings. Then you can set up your bulk upload similar to the following:

Asterisk (*) Delimited:


Then you can validate your JSON at http://pro.jsonlint.com/ before saving and uploading your file. 

Adding the Same Fitment Note to All EPIDs

To apply the same fitment note to all EPIDs in bulk, include the Fitment Note custom field header in the CSV and input text:

This will apply it to all the EPIDs.