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eBay Relist Rules With Different Type, Duration and Price

eBay Listing Relist allows you to change your listing type, duration and price after a number of times relisting with the current method. List an item 3 times at a current method and then switch methods to maximize the sale of the item. Examples will be given below.

To activate eBay relisting through SureDone, go to Settings > Channels, then select the eBay account you want to add Relisting rules to. Scroll down to Listings Relist. Turn the switch to ON and then click Save Settings. 

Now this is active in your account and you are ready to apply to individual items.

To adjust your relist rules, scroll down to the eBay section and you will see Max Relist, Action, Duration and Price. If you do not have this on by Channel Level (the off/on switch above) then you will see an off/on switch within the listing tool.

  • Max Relist is the number of times you want to relist an item prior to listing with these set rules. If you choose 3, this means there will be a total of 4 listings (the current one and then 3 relists) before SureDone changes the current settings to these relist settings.
  • Action is a drop down menu allowing you to choose between Nothing, Auction and Fixed Price style listings to relist the item. This gives you the advantage of relisting an auction-style listing as a Fixed Price listing, vice-versa or maintain the listing style but drop the price. If you choose Nothing, then the item will relist the Max Relist amount of times at the original setting and then end after those relists are finished. Therefore, you don't have to enter Price or Duration when selecting this option.
  • Duration is a drop down menu allowing you to select the duration of the relist. Keep in mind that if you select 1-day and Fixed Price, it will not relist (eBay's rules). Same case with Auction and GTC or 30-day.
  • Price is the price listed with the relist type. Keep in mind that if it's an auction-style listing, this is the starting price. Or if it's a fixed-price listing, this is the fixed-price.

Example: You want to list an item a total of 3 times Auction-Style at $49.99 for 5 days and then switch to Fixed Price at $54.99 for 10 days. This means a total of 4 listings (3 auction-style and 1 fixed price). For Max Relist, you would enter 2 because you have the initial listing, 2 relists and the following fixed price.

Once the relist rules take place after the Max Relist amount of listings, your new fields will now show in SureDone as your eBay Price, Listing Type and Listing Duration. As your items are relisted, the new eBayItemID will populate into SureDone. After this new listing preset, it will End the listing on eBay and will not relist.

If you are listing in bulk, these are the fields and the acceptable values:

  • ebayautorelistmax - only numerical values, no special characters nor letters
  • ebayautorelistaction - FixedPriceListing, Chinese (this is the eBay term for auction-style)
  • ebayautorelistduration - Days_1, Days_3, Days_5, Days_7, Days_10, Days_30, GTC (no commas, ensure you use capitalizations and underscores)
  • ebayautorelistprice - only numerical values and a period, no special characters such as $ nor letters