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How To: Set eBay Shipping, Payment and Return Policies to Create a SureDone Profile

SureDone has the capability to import your eBay Business Policies and use them so you don't have to set your shipping or return policies for every item.

Also, note that Profiles are account specific and each instance of eBay will be required to have it's own profiles. 

It's important to note that if you are using business policies, you must submit all 3 policies when listing each item. It is not possible to only use 1 or 2 policies and submit the rest of the data through other eBay settings.

To activate business policies on your account, if not already activated, please visit http://www.bizpolicy.ebay.com/businesspolicy/policyoptin

The policies are as follows:

Payment Policies: here you specify how a customer may pay you.

Shipping Policies: here you specify shipping methods, handling and other services if available

Return Policies: here you specify if a customer may return an item or not and any other conditions you wish to add

Once you are opted in and for subsequent logins, click on My eBay, Account and then Business Policies in the left-hand “My Account” window. This brings you to the section where you’ll be able to create one or many policies in each area (shipping, payment and/or returns).

To create a policy and to give you an example, click on Create Policy as shown below.

You will then click on the policy you wish to create. In this example, you will click on Shipping. Keep in mind that you may create one or many policies. You will determine how many by your business needs. Here is an example creation of a Shipping Policy.

Note: that the Policy name and the settings you build here is what SureDone will import for your use within the system. It’s a great idea to make the Policy name describe your shipping details (example: Default Shipping, General Merchandise Shipping, Fine China Shipping, etc), so that you may recognize the shipping attributes later in SureDone when choosing it.

eBay Business Policies in SureDone - 

It's important to note that eBay business policies need to be edited/created directly on eBay - SureDone will import and refresh the profiles automatically when you go to the eBay settings page in SureDone after any changes on eBay.

You can select and set the Default value for profiles from the drop-down options as shown below - 

You can also click on "View profile details" as indicated below and copy the information to Clipboard. The profile ID's can then be used to assign profiles via Bulk.

You can now go back to the listing page and select the profiles you'd like to use when creating a new product listing.

Possible eBay errors received:

Error 21919152 - Shipping policy is required.

Error 21919154 - Return policy is required.

Error 21919153 - Payment policy is required.