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eBay/Amazon - Orders Canceled Restock Feature

In both eBay and Amazon channel settings there is an option to have canceled orders automatically replenish quantity purchased in your SureDone account via the Orders Cancel Restock toggle. By default, this toggle is turned ON for both channels:

Each channel has their own toggle so if you wanted it on for eBay but not Amazon, you can set up your account like this. The way this feature works is when an order is canceled in eBay or Amazon and the CANCELED status imports in automatically into SureDone in the tracking field, it will re-add the stock to the SKU(s) that were purchased/placed in the cart.

For example, if a buyer placed an order for 2 of one item but then backed out of the purchase, you would cancel the order in eBay. If you see the order look similar to the following in SureDone, then you know the inventory was added to all the SKUs tied to that order:

You can tell if the status imported in automatically if the CANCELED is in all caps. Note: The way to search for canceled orders in general is to input shiptracking:=Canceled in your Order search.

Previously this feature was applied to all accounts, but now you have the option to turn it off:

By turning OFF the Orders Cancel Restock toggle (as seen above), you are making the decision to not have restock your items automatically and to manually add the stock back if necessary.

Tip: It is recommended to have Orders Cancel Restock toggle turned on if you allow pending eBay or Amazon orders import in that way if someone backs out of their decision to purchase, it will automatically add the inventory again. You can tell if your account allows pending orders to come through if Orders Paid Sync is OFF for eBay and Sync Pending Orders is ON for Amazon.