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Minimum Advertised Price (Discount Pricing Program)

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Exposure is available for qualified sellers who participate in the Discount Pricing Program. It is a feature only available for eBay US at this time. In the eBay channel settings, this feature can be turned on by turning on the MAP Exposure toggle as well as map a custom field to the MAP Field section:


The Strikethrough toggle can be turned on to show a strike-through of the MSRP when it is greater than the listing price.

The idea of this feature is to enter the MAP of the item either in bulk using the custom field created or input in the product editor of the item. When the price is updated, SureDone can compare the MAP field to the regular price field. If the price is less than MAP, then it knows to tell eBay to hide the price on the listing.

In addition to updating the MAP, choosing the MAP Exposure is required. In the product editor this shows as a dropdown with the following options:


· DuringCheckout – Will show price at checkout

· None – Will allow price to be seen in listing after clicking “See Details” next to Price

· PreCheckout – Will allow price to be seen in listing after clicking “See Details” next to Price

This field can be updating in bulk as well using the header ebayminimumadvertisedpriceexposure and entering any of the dropdown values in that same format (i.e. DuringCheckout).