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What can I do if my fitment is not updating on eBay?

Explanation:  You are trying to push either a catalog epid or fitment epids to eBay, but they are not displaying on eBay itself eventhough they show up in Suredone.

Answer:  First, make sure you have Fitment Refresh on.  You will not be able to modify anything with existing fitment unless fitment refresh is on.  It is located in the Settings > Channels > eBay Main Options (or whatever other eBay instance you are using)

Second, make sure your fitment fields are mapped correctly:

Third:  You may have to delete out the fitment epids / catalog epids / fitment notes in the product page for that item number out of the fields as shown below , update the item in Suredone with a blank and then go back to the catalog epid search and find the part / epids again and update the listing in Suredone to push the info back to eBay

(REMEMBER: You can only do this if Fitment Refresh is turned on, if it is not then all of your fitment is locked in)