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Importing Products eBay & Amazon

There are various reasons to why you might want to import your existing eBay or Amazon products to SureDone. It could be that you want to add the items that don’t exist to SureDone or maybe you want to update the pricing of existing products to match what you have on a certain channel. The way to import your products is to go to Settings > Channels.

eBay Import

Under your eBay section there will be an Import option:

The first checkbox in this row indicates whether or not you want to import. When it is checked, you are making the decision to import. The first row of options after that check box are as follows:

· Categories – This option is not used too often since your categories are typically imported already. In addition, there is a better way to import your categories. This guide goes into more detail about that.
· Skip Other Channels – Having this checked ensures that any updates from your import won’t affect your other channels. It’s always best practice to have this checked when doing an import.
· File Only – Having this option checked will not update anything on SureDone. It will only create a file for you to download and review. When the file is created, you can download it by going to Products > Bulk Upload > Results and you will see a download link in the Uploaded File column.
· Large Media URLs (File Only) – Like the File Only option, this will not make any updates on SureDone. It will just put the media URLs in the file that is created.

The corresponding checkboxes are on the right of the above options. The next row in the Import section contains the following dropdown:

The following are the options that can be chosen in the dropdown:

· Update Listings – Having this selected will not only add new products that aren’t already in SureDone, but it will update any of the existing products in SureDone to reflect what was being imported from your channel.
· Update/Stock Price Only – Having this selected will only deal with products that already exist in SureDone. As its name suggests, it will only update the stock and prices of your products.
· Update Stock Only - Having this selected will only deal with products that already exist in SureDone. It will only update the stock of your products.
· Update Price Only – Having this selected will only deal with products that already exist in SureDone. It will only update the price of your products.
· Skip Update – Having this selected will return items that are either live on eBay and don't exist in SureDone yet or aren't  yet linked to their corresponding SKU in SureDone.

The last row in the
Import section is as follows:

The above are check boxes for Sold or Unsold items. Having both these checkboxes checked will import all items sold and unsold. However, if one box is checked it will only import the products of the option that corresponds to the checked box. It's important to note that having Sold checked will import every instance of that item being sold. So if an item sold 10 times, it will import that item 10 times. Although they are options to check, it is not recommended to ever have these checked. 

When the appropriate boxes are checked and you select the option you want from the dropdown, clicking Save Settings at the bottom right of your screen will start the import.

File Only

As mentioned before, when File Only is checked it means that nothing is being updated in SureDone. But it is important to note that whatever else is checked and chosen from the dropdown does affected what is in that file that is created.

For example, if you have File Only checked, Price/Stock Update chosen in the dropdown and Sold checked, the file created is only going to have columns for the identifiers, stock and price for all instances of sold items from that channel.

The only option that doesn’t not interact with File Only and will not create a file is Skip Updates in the dropdown.  

As mentioned before, if you have File Only checked, a file will be created for your import. To download it, you can go Product > Bulk Uploads > Results and you will see a download link under the Uploaded File column:

One use case of the File Only option is to put items that are on your channel but not on SureDone into a file so you can review and bulk add the products into SureDone manually. It’s just important to note that some of the headers in that file might differ from what you have in SureDone. As long as those headers are changed to match the SureDone headers, you will be able to upload your new products and their information with no problem.

Amazon Import

Importing from Amazon is similar to eBay with the exception that there is no option to import sold or unsold items nor is there a Category box you can check:

The dropdown options are the same as the eBay options and how they interact with the File Only option is the same as well. Additionally, finding the file created is also the same as eBay where you would you go to Product > Bulk Uploads > Results.