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eBay Template Change for all of my items in BULK

How do I trigger an eBay Template Change for all of my items in BULK?

In order to trigger an eBay Template change in BULK, you must do an export of the guid and ebaytemplate fields from your SureDone account Bulk Export page

- Then when you receive the csv file go into it and insert a new column for column A and put action=edit in cell A1 because you are doing a bulk edit.  DO NOT change anything else, including the values (or lack of values for the template field, if you are using the default SureDone Template)

- It should look like something like this with the file name for new eBay template file in values for "ebaytemplate" field. 

- Just bulk upload the file skipping all channels except eBay and the template will be re-applied to your listings with any changes you have made.