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eBay Tips

The following is some tips concerning eBay. This solution page will be updated periodically:

  1. Syncing eBay Using Correct SiteID: When syncing you eBay account with SureDone double check that you have the right SiteID selected for your eBay Main Options and any other eBay accounts you might have connected with SureDone. To check and/or change go to Settings > Channels and look under any of the eBay headers:

  2. All or Nothing Profiles: Either you have a profile for shipping, payment and return or you have none set. You can’t have profiles set for one or two out of the three:

  3. No Conflicting Shipping: International Shipping and Domestic Shipping can have differing settings from one another. However, within each type of shipping there cannot be conflicting settings. If the following error is yielded, it best to first check your shipping settings to see if it’s conflicting:

    You can only offer flat rate shipping OR calculated shipping. Below is an example of how inconsistent shipping might look under your Domestic Shipping section:

  4. AutoPay and Orders Paid Sync: The most ideal combo for these two features is to have them both on: 

    Since “Autopay” is on, item must be paid for immediately on eBay and the stock will update accordingly once the item is paid for. Since “Orders Paid Sync” is on as well it means eBay order will be picked up by SureDone and stock will be changed accordingly and reflect on other channels. This setting is most ideal since it bests prevents oversells. To check out or change these toggles go to Settings > Channels and they will be under the eBay section. 

  5. eBay Listing isn’t Updating? If you find that you made some updates in SureDone to be reflected on your eBay listing and the changes aren’t showing, the first thing to check is whether the ItemID and eBaySKU is in the eBay section of the Products Page: 

    If you don’t see the Item ID or SKU here, one method to input them is to do a bulk upload and have three 4 columns: “action = edit”, “sku”, “ebaysku” and “ebayid”:

    The “sku” and “ebaysku” should match and the “ebayid” should be the ID linked to your listing. It can be found at the end of the URL of you listing: 

    Uploading the Excel document (after saving it as a .csv) and selecting “Force” before you Upload should make those symbols and link appear under your eBay section on the Product Page.

  6. Category ID Issues? If you are having issues selecting the correct Category ID, the site http://isoldwhat.com will be able to help you find what Category ID corresponds to the category you want to choose for you item:


    There is also a section to get eBay Motors Category IDs: