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eBay: Autopay & Orders Paid Sync

“Autopay” and “Orders Paid Sync” are two toggle features they can be set in the eBay section of your Channel settings. When “Autopay” toggle is on, it means that someone needs to immediately pay for an item they want in full on eBay. When the “Orders Paid Sync” toggle is on it means stock will update on its own once an order goes through successfully via any channel. The way these two toggles interact (or not interact sometimes) can be a bit tricky so below explains what happens with each combination of toggles:

1. Autopay: On

    Orders Paid Sync: On




Since “Autopay” is on, item must be paid for immediately on eBay and the stock will update accordingly once the item is paid for. Since “Orders Paid Sync” is on as well it means eBay order will be picked up by SureDone and stock will be changed accordingly and reflect on other channels. This setting is most ideal since it bests prevents oversells.

2. Autopay: Off

    Orders Paid Sync: On


 Since “Autopay” is off, item being bought on eBay can be partially paid for or buyer can back out of transaction. While order is in limbo on eBay (i.e. someone only partially paid for the item), it will still update the stock on eBay correctly so that no one else can bid on it there. However, SureDone’s stock will stay the same until the order is fully paid for since “Orders Paid Sync” will only update the stock once an order goes through. This might have stores at risk for overselling through other channels.


3. Autopay: Off

    Orders Paid Sync: Off





Since “Autopay” is off, this means item can be partially paid for or buyer can back out of transaction. Whether or not this is item is fully paid for will not update SureDone. SureDone stock has to be manually updated since “Orders Paid Sync” is off.

4. Autopay: On

    Orders Paid Sync: Off





This is an uncommon setting, but it means that items ordered on eBay must be paid for immediately since “Autopay” is on. This will update the stock accordingly in eBay but since “Orders Paid Sync” is off, stock will need to be updated accordingly in SureDone.