- ["[Code:90205] [Error]The value '12345678910' does not meet the minimum length limit for attribute '[gtin]'. in SKU: [ABC]


As the error outlined, the submitted value and 11 characters for GTIN for the particular item did not meet the character requirement and this has triggered the above error. Please bear in mind, that using incorrect ISBNs, UPCs, EANs, JAN codes or ASINs is prohibited and it can result in ASIN creation privileges being suspended or permanently removed and please see the details and link below, as it goes into further detail about each of the accepted product identifiers and their formats.

Amazon - Locating Product Identifiers

  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number): 10 digits or 13 digits
  • UPC (Universal Product Code): 12 digits
  • EAN (European Article Number): 13 digits
  • JAN (Japanese Article Number): 13 digits
  • GTIN-14 (Global Trade Item Number): 14 digits