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Example Amazon Troubleshooting Using the History

This is a random example for troubleshooting Amazon that should help to explain the process of using History section in SureDone (Settings>History).  ONLY use this example as a basis to learn how to use the history to troubleshoot any random issue based on the error code provided by Amazon.  

ALWAYS use the History Link for the Channel: "amazon" Result: "error" Type: "item" as shown below, none of the other Amazon Errors types are critical.

Go to the History for the selected item in the editor, using the link type mentioned above:

View the error message.  In this case, the error I received was:  ["[Code:90114] [Error]The Message/Product/DescriptionData/ShippingWeight field contains an invalid value: 0.00. The value \"0.00\" is lower than the minimum allowed: 0.01."]:

After you have this error code, you have the issue pinpointed and can work to resolve the issue with the information provided.