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Error Code 5000: The content of element 'PartInterchangeData' is not complete.


["[Code:5000] [Error]XML Parsing Error at Line 1, Column 1462: cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'PartInterchangeData' is not complete. One of '{PartInterchangeInfo}' is expected."]


A few different things can trigger this particular error and one of them is for example when the values of certain fields are exceeding their character limit and those limits come directly from the particular channel. For example, Amazon's limit for MPN is 40 characters and if an item was pushed to the channel with a value, which exceeds the allowed amount of characters, this could trigger the above error and would prevent you from listing the item successfully or from updating the existing listing. You can double check and make sure all values for the Item Specific fields are correct and then re-submit the item again to Amazon for processing.