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Missing Attributes item_type_keyword

Amazon Error:
[##BATCH.ID##] SKU {SKU}, Missing Attributes item_type_keyword. SKU {SKU} does not match any ASIN. Creation of a new ASIN requires the following missing attributes: item_type_keyword. Feed ID: ##. For details, see 

This error occurs when you are creating a new ASIN using a UPC/EAN or a Registered Exemption with Amazon. The ItemType is import in classifying where the product should be listed and is required by Amazon when listing without an existing ASIN #. There could be several reasons for this, below are the most common and how to resolve them.

Possible Cause 1: You did not specify the Item Type ID in SureDone.
Solution 1: In the Amazon section there is a field called "Item Type" - you should select a category, and use the search feature to find the correct item type path from the dropdown - the Item Type Node ID number will automatically populate. If you already know the number, you can enter it directly. 

You can also upload this value in Bulk by uploading the number in the header "amznitemtype."

Possible Cause 2: You have "Item Type" mapped in the Amazon XML Settings, but did not specify the item-type keyword.
Solution 2: Check Channels> Amazon> Amazon XML Mapping, under the "Universal Product Fields" you will find "Item Type" - this field accepted item-type-keywords, not numbers directly from Amazon.
If you want to use the regular Item Type Number lookup in the editor, un-map this field.
If you want to list instead using the keywords, leave it mapped, but make sure to enter a valid item-type-keyword exactly as it's spelled in the "Browse Tree Guide for your category.

Those keywords can be found in the "Browse Tree Guides" (found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200186090). In the "Query" column.

Possible Cause 3: You are using the built in, Item Type ID lookup in SureDone, have selected the correct Item Type & do not have Item Type Mapped under "Amazon XML Settings," (See both Cause 1 & 2) but you are still getting this error.
Solution: Submit a new ticket at www.suredone.com/support, and we will investigate further.