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How do I add additional users to my account?

Note: If you have any plugins (i.e. ShipStation, etc), please keep in mind that adding new users (or changing your password) generates a new token in SureDone. If you are adding new users and have plugins, please add your users first then re-authorize your plugin using the new token generated that way everything continues to run smoothly!

If multiple people are using the platform, we advise that everyone has their own user account and secure login. Utilizing this feature is useful if you want to set certain restrictions to users and is also helpful for us in Support when troubleshooting to help us paint a better picture of what's going! If multiple people are using the same account, it can get confusing for us to see what's going on because we assume one person is doing all the actions even though it might not be. Adding user accounts is simple, but if you ever have any questions feel free to log a support ticket with us!

Typically Admin Users only have the ability to add new users and set their capabilities. You can tell how many accounts you have left to add in your User Profile page here: 

If you need more User accounts, you will need to log a ticket with Support so we can adjust the backend settings to add them! 

Now to add the User, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the User Profile page and fill in the appropriate fields:

The last field allows you to select User or Admin. User can have all the capabilities of an Admin minus the ability to add new users and adjust capabilities for themselves or other users. The default User Permissions look as so giving full capabilities: 

Each of these sections of the site can either have full access (Full), view only (View) or no access at all (Deny). For more details on adding further user restriction using custom fields please see: How To: Set Product Permissions