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How do I cancel my SureDone account?

We do not currently support cancelling your subscription through the application, but cancelling is still simple.

If you signed up for a trial, this account will turn into a free account at the end of the trial. There is no need to cancel.

If you have a premium account, before you cancel we'd love the opportunity to speak with you about the reasons why. Yes - we're going to try to convince you to stay. But we're also interested in understanding why you've made the decision to leave. We want to become a better company with better software, and knowing the "why" of customers leaving us helps us do that. And if it's an issue with a bug we may be able to correct it (yes, we know - we should have fixed it before you made the decision to leave, but we're not perfect!). If it's a missing feature, we may be able to let you know how soon we'll have it. You've already made an investment in us, and us in you, and we hate to see that partnership break apart.

But, if we can't convince you to stay, just open a ticket through our support portal stating your intention to cancel - and make sure you get a confirmation e-mail or see the ticket in the portal. If you don't see these, chances are we haven't seen your cancel request and your account won't be cancelled.

Please note that we do have a 30 day cancellation notice policy. We don't lock most of our customers into contracts unless you've been provided a discount for committing to a term, and we do allocate resources for each one of our customers and these resources need to be paid for. We need this 30 day period to stand down these resources. So we look at it kind of like an even trade. We don't lock you into a contract, and all we ask for is the 30 day cancellation notice which gives us a last payment to pay for the resources.

So that's about it. We don't want to see you go, but we understand that people leave for different reasons. Give us a chance to fix the problem and understand that if you do cancel there is a 30 day policy. And know that we'll always welcome you back with a smile on our face.

[Please note that our formal cancellation terms can always be found at https://www.suredone.com/terms in section (5)(d)]