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How do I get refunds or credits on charges from eBay, Amazon or other channels?

At times you may see charges from eBay, Amazon or other channels that may be incorrect or you're not sure why they are there.

SureDone is software that communicates with these third parties to list products, maintain inventory levels and process orders. Unfortunately, we have no control over what you are being charged, or when you are being charged, for your listings and sales. Also, in general, you actually have better access to support on these channels than we do. Our access is focused on the developer side of the equation - how our application interacts with the third party - not the sales or customer support side of the equation. 

A few things to make sure of:

  • Make sure to END any listings in SureDone that you no longer want listed
  • Disable auto-relist of products if you don't want them going back up after the listing expires
  • Make sure you're aware of which products are "good til cancelled" (GTC) listings. You may get charged for relisting these on a 30, 60, 90 or other timeframe basis

We have, at times, heard of customers getting charged for extra features such as gallery plus. These features are not directly supported by SureDone and are enabled in your seller account directly on eBay. Make sure to review your monthly (or daily) invoices from eBay to ensure you are not being charged for additional features you do not want. If you see charges such as these, contact the channel immediately. As we've highlighted above, while we'd love to be able to help you with these charges you have better access than we do.

But, in general, any and all charges by channels are out of our control and you need to speak directly with the channel about potential credits or refunds.