Welcome to Bulk!

This series of guides is designed to help you learn everything you need need to use the bulk uploader. From building your spreadsheet or exporting existing data, to making edits, and uploading the file back. It’s best to read the guides in order, as the contents and examples will build on each other.

The 8 modules for this introduction series are:

  1. Setting Up Your Bulk File
  2. Exporting Data from SureDone
  3. Editing Existing Products in Bulk
  4. Uploading Your Bulk File
  5. Checking Bulk Results
  6. Images in Bulk
  7. Adding New Products in Bulk
  8. Important Tips to Know about Bulk

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If you're already familiar with bulk and just need to look up a specific file header, you can download this file for a list of all headers and accepted values.