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Whether your adding or editing products, you might want to include some images. This guide will go over the different methods for doing that in SureDone. Below is an explanation of each.

- Adding Images by URL -

Adding images by URL is the easiest way to edit or add images in bulk. All you need to do is type the URLs in the media1-media10 columns.

1. Add or find media1,media2, etc to your file (you only need as many headers as you plan on having photos).

2. Paste the URL for the image in the cell for that product - you can use the same URL for multiple products

Note: Please bear in mind, that blank spaces are not allowed in the Image URLs and they would need to be URL encoded

3. Save the file & upload as normal

Tip: If you need more than 10 photos, you can add them by placing the URL in the mediax column and separating them by an asterisk (*) like this: URL11*URL12. You should only do this after media1-media10 are filled.

- Adding Images by .zip Folder -

You can also add images to SureDone in Bulk using the picture files on your computer. The way it works is by taking a folder of images and assigning a specific number of images to each. It uses the header mediacount to tell how many photos each listing should have.

  1. Place your images in the same order as they appear in the spreadsheet.
    • You can do this with a number in front of the file name 1-filename.png, 2-filename.png, etc
    • You can do this by naming your images with the SKU or Title of the product (or other unique identifier) and then sorting the sheet in that order using Excel's built in sort features 
  2. Compress (ZIP) the folder 
  3. Assign the number of images to each product in the mediacount header.
    • You can assign any number of photos from 1-10 to a sku in this way
    • If you want to use the same exact photo for two consecutive products, you can do so by typing copy in the cell.
    • In the below example, the first image goes to SD0005, the next two (images 2 & 3) go to SD0006, the same photos (images 2 & 3) since they are copied , (image 4) goes to SD0014, (image 5) will go to SD0039, SD1123, SD1124, and then the last for (images 6, 7, 8, & 9) go to SD1677.
  4. Save the file as a .csv
  5. When uploading make sure to select the .zip folder containing your images in the "Select Media" section. Currently there is a limit of 2,500 products and a 300MB size limit on the .zip in the regular system.
    • If your .zip folder is larger than this, you can visit for up to 2GB files.
  6. Click upload - you will be redirected to the Results page.
  7. At the top there will be a preview - click View Preview"
  8. Check the preview to make sure it looks right
  9. Confirm the image upload, or cancel it if it doesn't look right
    • Note, even if you cancel the image upload, the rest of the actions on your spreadsheet will still be performed.
  10. The images will start populating in your account after you process. They will be hosted on SureDone s secure servers for free.

Tip: If your preview has a few extra blank products at the end of preview with no title or images, it s probably because Excel included the last few rows in your .csv even though they are blank. To fix this you can highlight the bottom few rows and right-click to delete them.

How to Fix Broken Images in Editor (Import Media)

If you are uploading images via url and they are appearing broken in SD (seen below) they are likely not hosted on a secure server (http://, instead of https://).

Example, See v-test1, v-test4, v-test8, v-test7 below:

To resolve this, you may want to use the Import Media box which will download your images from the URLs and host them on SureDone s secure server for free!

You should only use this feature when you need to as it can slow down the processing time for the file.

If you re correcting images for existing products, make sure to use an action=edit file with just the guid & media1-10 columns. Once import media is run, all images should be replaced with an URL and display correctly in the editor.

Try applying this information to add images to an existing product in bulk using an add. You can create a test listing to play around with if you don t want to edit your live inventory. Once you ve successfully changed some images - you re ready to move on.

The next guide will teach you how to Add Products In Bulk.