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Bulk Version 3

Version 3 of the Bulk Uploader offers some new features not available with Version 2. As opposed to Version 2, this bulk interface includes the name of the file submitted in the bulk request and results file name allowing it to be easily identified: 

Similar to Version 2, it will include the number of actions in Actions column, but there is a new Status column that breaks down the progress of the upload into the following stages:

  • Status (will show Pending or Complete)
  • Reading
  • Database
  • Channels
  • Finishing

When the file is finished processing, a Download link will show in the Results column. However, with Version 3, there is also the option to cancel uploads if they are still in Pending state. If an upload can be canceled, a Cancel link will show at the bottom of the stage in the Status column:

Please keep in mind, that cancelling an upload doesn't necessarily mean nothing got updated. Updates on items are continuous but once canceled, it will stop processing rows going forward. A results file will be downloadable to see which items got updated.