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Editing Product Info in Bulk

Once you have downloaded your exported product data from SureDone, you can quickly alter the downloaded data for bulk editing the information.


If you need to know how to do an export, see the section on Exporting Product Data from SureDone. 

Editing your products:

1. Start by exporting the data you need and opening the file.

2. Insert a new column before Column A to serve as the action column.

  • Since all the actions will be the same, we can use action=edit and leave the rest of the column blank.

3. You only need one identifier column; you do not need both the SKU and the GUID for editing. Since GUID is preferred for edits, remove the SKU, leaving the GUID in the second column.

4. Edit the information you need to by altering the data in the individual cells.

  • In this example, we are altering Stock and Price.

5. Remove any columns you don’t need, such as Title, since it has not been edited.

6. Save your edited file as a .csv file.


Uploading your edited products:

Once you have all of the information added to the appropriate columns and headers:

1. Save your file as a CSV.

2. Go to Products > Bulk Upload

This can be found, depending on which screen you are in:

Once there:

3. Click Select File and choose the file you’d like to upload

4. Select what you want to do with the file:

  • Click on Import Media URLs to import images into SureDone, if you have added images using the media headers.
  • Click on Skip All Channels if you only want to update the information in SureDone and not pushing that information to any of your channels.

5. In this example, we clicked Skip ebayParts as we are only sending the information out to our main eBay channel and Amazon.

6. Click Upload.

7.  Make sure to check your Bulk Upload Results here