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Saving Exports and Customization of Export Fields


The exports page has been improved to allow exports to be named and saved, as well as to allow export fields to be rearranged so they appear in the bulk file in a specific order.

These new features work at a subuser level, so users can have exports ordered in a way that fits their workflow.

To support these new features, some new fields have been added: Saved Exports, Export Name, Add Export Fields, and Edit Export Fields.

Loading Product Exports

To load an existing export, select the name of the export from the "Saved Exports" dropdown.

Once selected, the settings and fields for that export will be displayed on the page, so it can be reviewed or edited before creating the export.

Saving a Product Export

To save an export, it must have a name, a search, and some fields in the Edit Export Fields field. Otherwise, the save button will be grayed out, and you'll be unable to save the export.

Once those criteria are met, you'll be able to click Save.

After clicking Save, a green message box saying "Your export was saved" will be shown once your export has successfully saved.

Rearranging the "Add Export Fields" Field for Product Exports

The "Add Export Fields" represents all of the possible fields that can be exported from SureDone. The order can be changed by dragging and dropping a field name to its desired position.

Here, the price field is being moved up to be located just after guid.

Now price is in the desired location, and you can click on "Save Export Fields Order" to save the new order of these fields. After clicking, a green success message will be displayed once the new order has been saved.

When using exports in "Remove" mode, the fields in the "Add Export Fields" field will be the ones exported, and the will be exported in the order they appear in the "Add Export Fields" field.

Rearranging the "Edit Export Fields" Field for Product Exports

The "Edit Export Fields" represent the fields that will be included in the export when the export mode is set to Include.

The fields in Edit Export Fields will initially be shown in the order they were added to the field. They can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.

Here, guid will be moved up to be just below id in the export list.

Now guid is in the desired position in Edit Export Fields.

Removing Fields from Edit Export Fields

Removing a field from the list of Edit Export Fields is done by clicking the X to the right of the field you want to remove.

Here, title is going to be removed by clicking the X to its right.

Here, we can see that title is no longer in the list of Edit Export Fields.